Donald Trump Takes a Couple More Lumps

Donald Trump and his organization often project an image of invincibility. However, when it coems to legal proceedings, he takes his lumps like everyone else. We recently discussed that his lawsuit against the NY Times for calling him a “millionaire” instead of a “billionaire” had been dismissed.

Last week a federal court in Los Angeles denied Donald and Ivanka Trump’s motion to dismiss the complaint against them arising from the failed condo hotel in Baja California, Mexico (see prior blog posts, below, for more on that project). Trump, who claims that he was not the developer of the project, argued that the case should be heard in new York, not Los Angeles, because he and Ivanka did not have sufficient contacts or involvement with California to justify the lawsuit being heard there. The trial judge disagreed and denied Trump’s motion to quash service of process. The case will proceed in California.

In an unrelated case, a New York State judge dismissed Trump’s case against the state, seeking $500 million in damages. The court ruled last week that Donald Trump and his partner do not have the right to seek damages from the state for its refusal to issue permits for their “Trump on the Ocean” restaurant and catering hall planned for Jones Beach, NY. More information about this case can be found here: