Donald Trump Loses Another Lawsuit

Donald Trump lost a second lawsuit in the last couple of weeks. First, as reported below, his lawsuit against a New York Times reporter for slander / defamation for calling him a “millionaire” instead of a “billionaire” was tossed out of court.

Now his lawsuit against a law firm for listing him as a firm client on the firm’s website has also been thrown out of court. In fact, the firm had actually represented Trump in the past. Nevertheless, Trump’s lawsuit accused the firm of engaging in “the rank commercialization of Mr. Trump’s reputation and unyielding demand for excellence.”

How ironic indeed. Isn’t the “rank commercialization” of Trump’s name and reputation his modus operandi? Indeed, he sells (“licenses“) his name for use on condominiums and hotels throughout the world – knowing that in the past, people have been willing to pay premium prices for condominium units based on what they believed was Trump’s “unyielding demand for excellence.” When the projects turn out to be not so “excellent” after all, Trump distances himself with the claim that he was not the developer, but had merely licensed the use of his name. (ie, Trump Projects in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Sunny Isles, Florida; Baja California, Mexico; Tampa, Florida; Dubai, Waikiki, Atlanta, etc.).

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